Friday, April 28, 2017

The Reluctant Party Girl

Dear friends in direct sales -
I've been where you are. I did home party sales for several years, before FB was really even used as a marketing tool. So before I potentially offend you, let me say this first:

I am proud of you. I support you. I know how challenging it can be.

And if I find myself in need of whatever you're selling, whether it's leggings or makeup or vitamins  or cooking tools or self manicures or sex toys or oils - you will absolutely be the first person I track down.

Now that said...please stop. Please stop adding me to your "parties" without asking if I'm interested. Please stop encouraging your hostesses to blanket invite their closest 400 FB girlfriends to the parties they are hosting. Please stop pretending that being "invited" (added) to an "online party" doesn't still make me feel obligated to buy and guilty when I can't. This morning I have 13 "events" waiting for my response. I mean really...I had no idea I was so popular.

These days my FB notifications often read like an infomercial and I'm sorry, but that's not what I use FB for.

If you're reading this, it's because you're a part of my FB world. That means I consider you a friend. And as a friend, I'm aware of what you're selling. I admire your passion. I respect your determination. I cheer your victories. I check out the deals you post on your personal page and I make sure to like your business page if you keep a separate one. As my friend, you'll be who I buy from if I need your product.

And as a friend, I'm asking that you stop pushing it on me.

Social media has changed the game on direct sales. It's truly amazing. I can remember driving 2 hours to parties where I didn't make enough to cover my gas to get home. Parties where I lost money - and I was good. So I get it. But I promise you, if I need longer lashes, pretty nails, cuter clothes, new bakeware, better orgasms, whiter teeth, relaxing oils, supplements, or any of a dozen other products, I'll come to you. I promise. Because I support you and your endeavors.

But I need to do it on my terms.