Thursday, August 14, 2008

Calling for abundant sunshine

And temps that rival the seventh circle of hell.

I am not kidding people. Today when we went by the bank, the clock/thermometer said it was one hundred and four degrees. And it felt like it. Even in Home Depot and Subway (our two stops for the evening, in search of window fans and dinner) the air conditioning has a hard time keeping up with the heat outside.

Tomorrow's forecast? *Only* expected to be 105 folks. And Saturday we're going to have a slight warm up to a hundred and six. But hey, our heat advisory expires at 8p.m. on Saturday night and we cool off to a balmy 100 by Sunday.

Everyone tells me "at least it's not humid here like in Chicago!" At least in Chicago everyone has central air. After a lifetime of being spoiled by the magical cooling vents, this 1970s wall unit stuff sucks.

Dry heat my ass. There comes a point where hot is hot is hot. And it's hot.

Stay cool boys and girls. I've got a Chicago-recap in progress - at this point I'm tyring to remember everything we did! Drink your water and sit tight.


DLS said...

you're trying to re-cap chicago?? well i can think of ONE very important post that's long overdue hehe ;-)

but i know.... this heat fries your brain.

kat said...

that was me :-)