Thursday, October 30, 2008

All Hollow's Eve....Eve

Ok. It's a little after eleven. I've gone through two dozen tissues, half a box of sudafed, and a 2 liter of 7-up in an effort to stave off the sinus infection that has been keeping me from finishing the kids' Halloween costumes.

Tonight we carved pumpkins. Always messy, always fun.

And let me tell you, I may not sew like my craft-goddess girlfriend Charlotte but I am a mean someofabitch with a glue gun in my hand. Although if I had a nickel for every time I burned myself this past week....well let's just say the kids' college funds would be secured.


1 Skunk Costume - check
1 Kitty Costume - check
1 Snowflake Costume - check
2 teacher treat bags - check
12 pre-school treat bags so that my kid is cool - check

1 tired mommy.........check

Happy Halloween kids! Costume pictures to come!


Kat said...

Girl, you need a shake. You are the QUEEN of hallowe'en! (As I sit here in the same dress I fit in last year, but yay! I fit in it! And my son prepares to be "Roger Daltrey, mama")

Oh, and thanks for keeping me abreast of all the preschool etiquette -- that will be very helpful next year!!

Azzlan said...

Yeah, i just dropped a bag of hershey's kisses off at daycare. hell, that's treats for at least 40 kids. and of course, one target bought thomas costume. what does 7-up have to do with a sinus infection?