Friday, May 8, 2009

An open letter to my family.....

In light of the current economic situation sweeping the globe, I have decided to cut back on my gift requests for this year's Mother's Day.  I am kind and considerate like that, and sometimes I like to torture my husband, so this hits two birds with one stone.

First, I would like free reign regarding buying my garden supplies so that I can get my cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and spices into the ground, fenced, and watered this weekend in an effort to have a more self-sustaining summer.  I foresee lots of salads and salsa.

Second, I would like my husband and my kids to each write me a list - ten things that they love about Mommy.  After coming in second for a job opportunity that I wanted quite badly, Mama needs her ego stroked, so hop to it beloved family members.  Help from Daddy is allowed.  Help from the dog is not.

It's out on the blog, folks.  Don't let me down!  Lists will be posted on Sunday so make 'em good!


charlotte said... is my list
-You are dead funny
-You taught me that forgetting to bring the binky to McDonalds isn't the end of the world.
-You said "sacrifice a chicken" at MOPs and they are still reeling.
-Your Midwest accent puts my Southwest one to shame.
-You give me awesome hand me downs.
-The most amazing food is produced in your kitchen
-You are my "go to" person for parenting advice

Freckledmama said...

Aw Char this made me tear up! Thanks girlfriend - you were my very first friend out here in the wilds of Oregon and having you be a part of things has changed my life!