Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Survival Blog, Day 8

While relaxing with the Chunk in our fancy lawn chairs-in-a-bag tonight, Skippy posted a new Facebook status message that read "Skippy is watching the girls play softba, yes, softba. It's not quite softball yet, but it's getting there." I thought it was cute and funny. But the bottom line is that it was also oh so true.

After surviving two seasons of fall soccer, this is our first attempt at girl's softball. Without a five week Chicago vacation to take over our summer, we needed to fill some time in a hurry. And it has been an absolutely hilarious whirlwind. Not to mention that just like in soccer, the level of improvement we have seen in just a few weeks is nothing short of amazing.

Our girls are playing on the same team. This makes my life much easier concerning practices, games, and snacks. They play with six other little girls that range in age from five to eight, and it shows. The bigger girls are GOOD. And our little rookies...they do their best.

Here are the basic rules to entry level girls' softball in our town:
While batting:
1. Everyone bats every inning.
2. You cannot be struck out. The coach gives you four pitches, and then you get the tee.
3. You should not be upset if you have to use the tee. You most definitely should not yell "Aw DAMN IT!" when they set it up like Kbear did during a practice.
4. No matter how hard or how far you hit the ball, you stop at first base. There are no doubles or triples. You hit a home run, you stop at first. That's the way it goes.
5. If the base woman is standing on the baseline, run her down. She should know better!
6. The last hitter is the "home run hitter" and that is the only time you advance more than one base - as long as the ball gets smacked in some fashion against the home run hitter's bat, all base runners go all the way around to home. Then it's the other team's turn to bat through their order.
7. You should not lap the runner in front of you.

While fielding:
1. You should pay attention. Otherwise you may take a ball to the face. Just ask both our girls.
2. You should not pick your nose.
3. You should refrain from making dandelion chains or turning somersaults.
4. You should wear your mitt. You should NOT chew on your mitt.
5. If the ball is hit to you, you should pick it up. Then you should probably throw it.
6. If for some reason you DO pick your nose, please do not attempt to snack on it while playing second base.
7. If you are standing on the baseline, prepare to be trampled. You should know better.

And in general:
1. There is no score keeping.
2. Have fun.
3. It's fun to have Dairy Queen as a sponsor because it gives you an excuse to go for ice cream.

Banana and Kbear usually follow the rules, but it's a game-by-game process although I will admit that they have gotten pretty darn good as the season has progressed. Both girls are hitting the ball regularly, and even if they don't have the hang of fielding yet, at least they aren't out there eating boogers.

And because it would be horribly unfair to post only one picture of my little all stars, here's one of each:

Summer, Day Eight

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Nana said...

LMAO...what I would not do to be at a game. Good Job!!

Ms.Toni said...

would softba go into the month of perhaps a week night ms. toni would happen to be around? I would LOVE to see it! :) wishful thinking perhaps...less than a month! i can't wait!!! hugs all around!!

Freckledmama said...

Unfortunately Toni our last game is on Wednesday! It's been such a blast but I'm ready for it to be OVER!

The girls are so excited to see you! We need to touch base soon and get our details in place!