Thursday, April 1, 2010

Did I mention....

Did you know that my baby boy turned three?

I know. It's hard to believe. Sad but true folks, my sweet little angel man has entered the terrifying threes (screw the terrible twos, they are a myth to lull us into complacency so that when the threes hit we are totally shell shocked). Now in my completely unbiased opinion, Chunk is the most amazing, accomplished, and adorable three year old ever. Plus he's super sweet. And he's funny.

Now if only I could get him to consistently go on the potty, my life would be complete....

But anyway, as seen in a previous blog, we started off the birthday festivities with dinner at the kids' favorite Mexican restaurant here in town, where the boy got to shake his money maker and a pair of maracas while wearing a kid-sized sombrero. I had a drink with dinner. Overall it was a great night.

Birthday celebrations capped off with Chunk's first movie, "How to Train Your Dragon." I wish I could give you a review. I really do - from what I saw, it was super cute and the 3D glasses appeared to be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I spent the majority of the show realizing that Chunk wasn't quite ready for a full-length movie. By the time we walked out of there, I was exhausted and had muscles aching in places I hadn't ever experienced before.

But I rallied (because I'm a Mom and I had Advil readily at my disposal) and we continued the fun at home with presents and cake. It didn't take long to discover that this is "The Year of Cars" and "The Year of Hats." The cars are kind of a no-brainer because he's a boy, and he's three. But the hats....there's a story there. See, a few weeks ago we were on the webcam with Nana (gotta love technology) and she asked Chunk what he wanted for his birthday. With no hesitation and zero prompting, he replied "I want a HAT!" So Nana being Nana, went on a quest for hats with Jack. Shortly before the big day, a box arrived that was roughly the size of a smart car and amid the sixteen pounds of packing peanuts (THANKS NANA) we found a cowboy hat, a soldier hat, a train hat, a construction hat (complete with a yi-ite!), and all sorts of assorted goodies to go with the hats! Shortly after that, an awesome space helmet showed up from Aunt Sarah.

So the kids is totally set on hats. And totally set for the next six Halloweens. Eventually I'll get a new blog post up, titled "the many hats of Chunk" but for now I'd be happy if he'd sit still long enough to get a picture. And from everyone else, he got cars. And tracks. And accessories. And best of all, an adorable little wheeled suitcase for all of his newly acquired hot wheels.

Overall, I think that my big-little boy had a wonderful birthday. It's hard to believe that not so very long ago, this was my Chunk......



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