Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy birthday to ME!!!!!

First of all, look at my little pastry chefs. Are they cute or what?

So when I wasn't looking, my birthday snuck up on me and I turned thirty.

Ok......seriously who am I kidding right? I've been obsessing over the calendar all year.

But anyway, thirty feels good. I'm not old. I mean I've got three gorgeous healthy kids, a wonderful marriage (going on six years in a week or so!) and overall, a pretty great life. Had ups, had downs, and in general, just hanging out.

Lots of people have asked me what we're doing to celebrate. The bummer about a January Thursday birthday is that your options are limited. So I think tonight we're going out to dinner (Skippy offered to cook but he has to work and then that means dishes), and then on Saturday we're going to go have a family day in Portland - hit OMSI, Powell's books, and who knows what else. There will definitley be a trip to Target in there - that alone makes it a spectacular birthday!

So anyway, today the kids and I are making a cake, but right now we've got to run - they are having prime rib for lunch at the Google just for ME!

Ok, not really just for me, but we are running up there for prime rib with Skippy! Lots of love!


Jax said...

Happy Birthday girle!!!!! Finally someone to join me in the 30 and fabulous club!!!

marcy said...

Happy Happy Birthday from Uncle Mike and Marcy.

Freckledmama said...

Uncle Mike and Aunt Marcy -

I ned an email address for you guys! I can't seem to get one from the blog comments and I can't find one in family emails! Sent me a note at!

Lots of love! Thanks!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday. I will be there in about six short months. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Tracey said...

Hope you had an awesome birthday! Thirty is a great age!

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