Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Business or pleasure?


Skippy has to travel for work today. I'm used to it. In fact, I really don't mind it too much. When he travels, the kids and I eat out, raid the dollar store, get off our routine, and generally wreck havoc until he comes home. I dig it.

Now there was a time when he was travelling more than he was home. That was rough. But with the Goog, he's just starting to travel again and let's face it, sometimes a little work-imposed break from your spouse is kind of nice. Because then no one is around to yell at you if you eat an entire half gallon of ice cream and watch Love Actually twice on a Thursday night.

So anyway, I'm in the middle of laundry hell. How my family accumulates so many dirty clothes is honestly beyond me. It boggles the mind. But Skippy is coming home on his lunch to pack and grab the camera and kiss the kids and then he's off, so I need to get it finished.

Where is he going, you might ask? A conference? An upgrade? Some horrible beast of a problem that will require blood, sweat, tears and overtime?


He's going dog sledding. At Whistler. Yes, Whistler in Canada. With the rest of the Western half of the Google. They are going to eat and drink and ski and sled and generally have a fantastic time, thanks to the generosity of their employer while us Google wives sit at home and grouse about the whole damn thing. Then they will come home with beautiful pictures and awesome stories that will make us want to beat them with a snowshoe.

Those guys get all the fun.

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The crazy one said...

I would much rather stay at home watching Love Actually, drinking hot cocoa spike with some vodka or schnapps or baileys, rather than being on that stinky busy with those boys and their toys. Then HAVING to go dog sledding or skiing... YEAH RIGHT! Ok, well maybe I would rather watch the movie though. :)