Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let's talk about my minivan some more

It really has changed my life.

Up until two weeks ago, the typical Tuesday morning went like this:

7:00 Get out of bed, get the girls up for school.
7:05 Poke the girls again.
7:15 Finally haul Kbear bodily out of bed and help her find clothes
7:20 Ask Banana to brush her hair
7:29 Tell Banana that it's time to stop brushing her hair, it looks lovely
7:30 Start looking for shoes and jackets
7:33 Get annoyed with kids for not putting shoes and jackets by the door
7:35 Warm up the car
7:40 Finally get the kids out the door. Take Banana to school.
7:55 Drop Kbear off across town at preschool

(now here's where it gets fun)

8:05 Return home. Poke Skippy and tell him it's time for work.
8:15 Nurse the baby. Have some cereal. Poke Skippy again.
8:30 Sharply pinch Skippy's foot, insisting that it's time to GET UP NOW.
8:45 Get annoyed with Skippy for not knowing where his shoes and keys are.
8:46 Realize the keys are in my pocket. Oops.
9:00 Finally drop Skippy off at work. Run errands.
10:30 Pick up Kbear.
11:00 Pick up Banana.

Ok, got all that? So I had to run one to school, then run the other to school, THEN come home and run Skippy to work. Talk about a pain in the ass huh?

Fast forward to this morning:

We got up.
We got dressed.
I took the girls to school in my spiffy purple minivan.
I went out for coffee with my neighbor while the Chunk slept in.
I came home with just enough time for Skippy to sprint out the door. Then I hung out with the baby until it was time to get the girls.

The End.

Isn't that MUCH better?

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Ms.Toni said...

I'm so happy for you!