Monday, June 23, 2008

Let the packing commence

You know, I remember once upon a time that if clothes were strewn all over the bed will-nilly in a mix of shirts, underwear, and socks, that it meant that a hell of a good time had taken place into the dawn hours the night before.

However now at this point in my life, it just means that I have everything laid out for three little kids across my entire king sized bed to make sure that I don't forget anything that I need to bring to Chicago.

*sigh* Such is life. I suppose some smart ass will come along eventually (read: SETH) and point out that if I hadn't had all of those fun sleepless nights I currently wouldn't HAVE the three children that I am attempting to pack for. So let's just get that out of the way now okay?

What, TMI? Sorry Mom.

Anyway, I'm a laundry washing, clothes sorting, house cleaning, lawn mowing, crazy woman today. I just thought I would pop in for a quick note before I get back to the grind and attempt to get everything packed before this evening so I can relax with my husband before I leave him for a month. We've had a tough week since I last checked in but I think we are finally turning the corner.

The Chunker and Kbear were both sick little puppies this past week. It started on Tuesday with nasty yellow stuff shooting out of both ends of my baby. It was both disgusting and fascinating in a high school science experiment kind of way. Thankfully, after running a scary-high fever last Wednesday night, he turned the corner quickly and was all recovered by the next day. And thank goodness, because it freed me up to take care of Kbear.

I rushed poor K to the ER on Thursday night, where she was treated for four hours for dehydration. Scary, scary, SCARY stuff. We tried all day to get some liquids into her but way too much was coming back out and nothing new was going in so by evening she was disoriented and clammy and just overall miserable. She perked up after an IV (and a new teddy bear) and a few popsicles and finally, today she seems to be at about 90%. My cute kid story for the day took place in the ER last week:

After being a stoic little trooper while getting her IV and then falling asleep, Kbear wakes up thirsty and sucks down at pedialyte popsicle at lightening speed while I breathe an internal sigh of relief. Then she immediately asks for another one. Her (wonderful) nurse tells her that if she can keep the first one in her belly for awhile, she can have another one in a bit.

So an hour goes by. As nurse Becky putters in and out of our exam room, Kbear repeatedly requests a second popsicle. Nurse Becky continues to firmly remind her that she can't have one until we make sure she's not going to throw the first one back up, etc.

So finally K has had enough. She wants another popsicle like, yesterday. The next time our nurse comes in she sits up, hair flying everywhere, IV sicking out of her arm, and all but DEMANDS a new freezer pop. (That's how I knew she was feeling better.)

Nurse Becky smiles and says, "What if instead I came to tell you that you can go home?"

Kbear thinks. I mean, she REALLY takes a minute to mull things over.

And finally, she replies, "Ok. I'll take my Popsicle to go."

That's my kid.

So anyhow, we're hanging in there. We did make it to the Google picnic on Saturday where I must say they absolutely outdid themselves again - we arrived late and left early but even K perked up enough to get her face painted. The food was great, the games were a blast, the kids were all well behaved and adorable, and it was nice to see everyone and just kick back a bit and relax. Oh and it was fun to watch my husband kick everyone's ASS on the inflatable gladiator game thingy. So AWESOME job kudos to my girlfriend Katy (and Crystal!) and the rest of the Goog crew - thanks for a great afternoon!

Ok. I've got to get back at it. My suitcase isn't going to pack itself and eventually Bailey-dog is going to find her way into my room and she's going to jump up on the bed and if she messes up my laundry I'll be throwing things. If I don't make it back online tonight or tomorrow morning, you'll hear from me again in SWEET HOME CHICAGO!

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Ms.Toni said...

soooooo YOU must call me when you get to Chicago! I can't make it to your moms cuz we'll be watchin the Cubbies sweep the Sox again. Call me Call me Call cake is awesome! My favorite cake was a new kids on the block cake from my aunt. good times.