Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What do you do with 80 cupcakes?

You make a rainbow of course!

There she is folks - my six year old. My six year old with newly PIERCED EARS I might add. God she looks so big. That was taken at her birthday party this past Saturday, standing behind her absolutely awesome rainbow cupcake cake. Skippy and I always try to accommodate the kids' birthday cake requests but this one was a doozy and a half. If I thought last year's butterfly cake was challenging, I was sadly mistaken.

So major props to Skippy and me for baking, coloring, and frosting almost 80 cupcakes. It was the first time I was sad to see a "cake" dismantled for eating. We had a great party complete with a pinata, bubbles, and too much food. Big thanks to all of our friends and family who took time out of their weekend to come and celebrate with us - it was a fabulous (if exhausting) afternoon. Your gifts were amazingly thoughtful - I was so relieved that we didn't come home with fourteen Bratz dolls!

In other news things are good out here. Just busy busy busy as always. Summer officially started on Monday with the first moan of "I'm boooo-red" and we've been cruising through ever since. The baby managed to get sick this week and we had a doctor's visit yesterday but he seems to slowly be turning the corner already and I think he'll be back to his sunny little self in another day or two. Other than that, I'm getting geared up for our Chicago trip, Skippy is getting geared up for a quiet house, and the kids are all over the place, staying up late, riding their bikes, and making us nuts.

Lots of love. I'll try to blog a little more before we leave but just in case I can't make it to the computer, watch for my blog next week after I see if I can fly four hours with three kids without getting tasered by an Air Marshall.

And now, just because I want to, one more shot of our cool cupcake cake.


Denise said...

Those cupcakes look amazing! I'm so sorry I had to miss B's birthday.

Jax said...

HOLY CUPCAKE CAKE batman. That is awesome! Will you be available for my b-day? :)

Jess said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL - I would love a set! The colors turned out beautifully!

Erin Collins said...

Our moms would be proud! And the rainbow does rock. :)