Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My brilliant little scholar

Today Banana brought home a behavior slip. Cue ominous music: *da da da dummmmmmmmm*

She got it because she was talking during class time. And talking during circle time. And talking during patterns. And talking during handwriting.

The kid chatters like a blue jay. There's no stopping her.

(Somewhere my Mother is laughing because I'm sure that *my* little girl sounds just like *another* little girl my Mom once knew. Just desserts indeed.)

So Banana was warned. And then she was moved. And then she was warned again. And then she was moved again. And then she had to put her head down on the desk. And then she got morning recces taken away.

And she would.not.stop.talking.

Apparently she was still going strong when it was time for patterns. That's when Ms. G claps a pattern and then the kids clap it back to her. Way intense Kindergarten work ya know?

So all through patterns Banana is discussing nuclear physics and Hannah Montana and who knows what else and finally Ms. G had really just about had enough.

(She's laughing while she's telling me this story, and I pretty much just want to duct tape my kids' jaw at this point.)

So finally in the middle of patterns, Ms. G is fed up and she snaps "BANANA W!"

Well Banana's head snapped right up.

She stopped talking.

And the damn kid clapped the damn pattern.

*snort* Little monkey.


Anonymous said...

LOL. In Chicago at 7:00am your mother IS LAUGHING. XOXOXO

Tracey said...

If we ever got B and E in a room together I bet our girls could power a city with their talking! I get the same notes from Em's teachers. We actually had to threaten to take away her Arizona trip before spring break because she got 3 yellow lights for talking in one week. Yep, these chatterboxes keep the teachers on their toes! I dread the cell phone bills in a few years.

Ms.Toni said...

ooooh Banana...I love it. I remember the days when she would cling to my leg at MTO...I'm sure the your Ms. G loves her, regardless of her chatterbox-ness. Tooo funny!