Friday, April 18, 2008

What happens in Vegas....

Come on, you know the rest!

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas......

EXCEPT MY MOMMA! Because even though she is going to Vegas tonight and through the weekend, she will be HERE in the wonderfully fantastic and beautiful Pacific Northwest on Monday night!

<--- that's Mom and her main squeeze Jack. I think they are at Wrigley Field in that picture which will make Skippy temporarily hate them just a tiny bit. But it's a cute picture.

I haven't seen her since last July and the girls haven't seen her since right after the baby was born so I absolutely CANNOT WAIT!

(Obviously, my Mom and I are pretty close, LOL)

We have lots of fun stuff planned. We're going to make a trip to the coast, we're going to go to Banana's school, and we're going to go to Cherry Fest and OMSI and do whatever else we can squeeze in! The kids can't wait to see Nana. I can't wait either.

Now if the damn weather will just cooperate. It's supposed to SNOW this weekend! Can you believe it? It was eighty three degrees last Saturday and now they are calling for SNOW all up and down the mountain ranges and in the Gorge. What a bunch of bull huh?

Be wrong Mr. Weatherman. You win some, you lose some. Trust me, no one will mind!

Travel safe Mom!

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