Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's the second Sunday in May...

( First of all, more kudos to Denise over at Photosensitive Portraits in Hood River. )

Happy Mommy Day!

To all of you who have ever found cookie crumbs in your bed, pretzels in the couch, and a Cheerio in your bra....

To all of you who have felt the bone chilling fear when you have to call your child one too many times in the department store, only to have them pop out of a clothes rack right next to you...

To all of you who go grocery shopping for from-scratch-all-organic-locally grown groceries for dinner and then take your kids to McDonald's for lunch...

Happy Mother's Day.

To those of you who have found yourself shivering in the cold at soccer practice,

Scrambling for a pre-school snack that everyone will eat,

Or planning a spring birthday party with a frocast of snow...

Who find yourselves
Going to PTA...
Going on field trips...
Going to dance recitals....
And going crazy in general...

Happy Mother's Day.

To all of you who know the joy of a child sleeping on your chest,

Who know the torture of pregnancy heartburn, insomnia, and stretchmarks.

All of you who have accidentally kicked the dog when trying to latch on a new baby to nurse,

And all of you who have yelled "WHERE IN THE HELL IS MY DAMN EPIDURAL?"

Happy Mother's Day.

To all of you who have struggled to juggle a career and parenthood, your boss and your family,

All of you who stay home and lose the laundry battle on a daily basis,

To those of you who can't remember the last time you had a pedicure,

And all of you who don't care,

Happy Mother's Day.

Here's to all of you vomit-moppers,

You butt-wipers,

And you magical owie kissers,

Enjoy your day today.

To my girlfriends who wrestle children of their own, having you in my life makes me a better Mom; you sympathize with my trials, celebrate my victories, and help me on this path that I love struggling on down. I am thankful for each and every one of you for making me feel normal. Most of the time.

And to the most important Moms in our lives...

Happy Mother's Day to Dixie. There will *always* be potato soup for you when you come to visit! You may be my mother-in-law but more importantly, you are my friend.

And to my own Mama...I don't know how I got so lucky. Even now you teach me so much. You are my personal heroine. My confidant, and my best friend.


kat said...

happy mother's day to one of my inspirations! xx

Tracey said...

That was so sweet! You have such a way with words. Hope you had a wonderful Mommy's day!