Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mom's visit, part one

Last Tuesday the alarm went off bright and early at seven a.m. just like does every other weekday. I blearily leaned over to smack the snooze button mercilessly to catch seven more blissful minutes of snooze time and then suddenly BOLTED out of bed, grabbing my robe on my way to the shower.

This wasn't a normal Tuesday. I wasn't about to start the school runs. It was the Tuesday we had to GO GET MY MOM! And Jack too. Poor Jack - in my excitement over seeing Mom I kind of forget to give him props. But he dealt with my insane kids for six days so I give him major credit too.

So let me revise: It was the day we had to GO GET MY MOM AND JACK!

Immediately I launched into major-mommy-wife-shrew mode, kicking butts out of bed willy-nilly and tossing clothes at everyone. Then I loaded the van for a few days at the coast while Skippy did some dishes. We're not real big on traditional roles around here - SKIPPY did dishes and *I* loaded the van.

But anyway....

Mom and Jack had gotten in way way waaaaaay late the night before so we finally headed out the door for Portland around nine, with duffel bags and snacks shoved into every nook and cranny I could find to allow room in the back for luggage. I briefly considered bungee cording Kbear under the seat but realized that one of her legs would poke out so we made do with what we could and hit the road.

Around 9:15 the phone calls started. Mom asking where we were. Mom asking when we'd get there. Mom making sure we were okay. Mom asking how much longer. We had to get gas. And I needed coffee. And Mom called fourteen more times. But finally - FINALLY - we pulled up to their hotel.

"Should I call their room?" I asked Skippy. He snorted.

"Are you kidding me? They will be in the lobby." Mr Condescending replied as he parked.

"Noooo honey, I bet I should call their r--"

And there they were, Mom practically sprinting across the parking lot and the kids pretty much spilling out of the van in a bundle of excited squealing hugs. I hate when Skippy is right. But at least Mom (and Jack) were here. We were ready to begin our adventure....I mean, our visit.

I have to pause here and once again give props to my van. My little bargain of a used minivan has held up remarkably well under the assault of the W family. Once we got all the luggage in, we stuffed people into every available seat and we were off. Keep in mind that even though my van technically seats seven, they never promised you'd be comfortable. But we were together, and we were on our way down to the road and heading to the coast.

But first things first. We needed to stop for lunch. If you're ever on Highway 26 heading to or from the coast, may I recommend you stop at Camp 18 - good food and really neat atmosphere. An hour later, we were stuffed full and contorted our way back into the van. Tillamook loomed ahead and within it, the holy grail of cheese.

More to come!

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Marcy said...

This is total torture waiting to hear the whole story. I can feel your excitement when driving up to the Hotel. Even made me cry tears of joy. How wonderful for you all to be together and have fun. I'll wait not so patiently for more story. :) :)
Love ya,