Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mom's visit, part four: Show and Tell

Ok, first things first - see that adorable picture of my girls? The one that looks like a freakin' oil painting? That was taken during the Friday afternoon of my Mom's visit by this wonderful and amazingly energetic woman out in Hood River who was using the girls as photography models in exchange for free pictures. And since I'll always take free pictures of my kids, you can imagine how I was on cloud nine when I saw THAT! Please ignore the watermark - it's a proof. I'm sure that once I have my own copies I'll be showing them off every chance I get. So let me give a quick shoutout to Denise at Photosensitive Portraits - you rock girl!

I'm going a little bit out of order with my Friday recap. Let's see....we did the picture thing after we had lunch at The Goog. It was noisy and hectic just like it always is, but it was also prime rib day so naturally there was a crowd. Mom and Jack got to meet some more of our friends, we threw Oregon Google tshirts at them, and they got to go onto Google's campus, which roughly 99% of this town hasn't had a chance to do. So that was fun.

But before lunch, and before pictures, we had already concluded yet another adventure in our wild and crazy visit.....

After rolling into town just in time to toss tired munchkins into bed on Thursday night, I woke up bright an early at seven on Friday morning to get the Banana off to school after three days of playing hooky to hang with Nana. Before you yell at me, the kid has literally missed two other days besides these, when she had the flu. And Nana doesn't come into town every day ya know.

So anyway, I rolled Banana out of bed and shuffled her up to school. After all, I had a lot to do in the next hour - we had to be back up to the classroom in time for Banana to show and tell her choice for the week - NANA!

I picked Mom up and I could tell she was feeling nervous. We stopped at Walgreens and bought bubbles - because I mean really, what kid doesn't like bubbles? And I think she thought that would keep them from booing and hissing. As if they would have, but Mom was definitley nervous.

So with Kbear in tow to watch the performance, we hustled back up to school just in time for Ms. G to give Banana the green light - Nana was center stage.

Here's a rundown of Bree's two minute speech:

This is my Nana

She lives in Chicago (see how Mom demonstrates? Rock on with your bad self, Vanna White)

These are some pictures of me with Nana. No, you can't have bubbles yet, look at my pictures dang it. See Nana? NO! There's NO BUBBLES YET!

And finally.....

Say CHI - CAH - GO!!!!!


Marcy said...

How cool is that. Way to cool to take Grandma to school with you. Very special memories for both. Happy moments like this make me cry. Amy you are good at writing but way to good at making me cry. Glad you all had a great time.
Love Marcy

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you and the family had a good time with your mom and Jack. I hope to see you guys this summer.

Stephanie Connolly

Ms.Toni said...

The Rosenwinkel household (well my mom and I) think you should be a photographer/author.

Okay now that you know that I can sleep easy. =oP

Love ya lady!