Thursday, September 13, 2007

And finally, the week in review, part three

Last but not least, we kicked off this weekend with K's first dance lesson. Original blog date, Monday, September 10.

Behold, the next dancing great!!!!! Winner of So You Think You Can Dance 2015 and future pro partner on Dancing with the Stars, probably paired up with some kid who's currently on the Disney Channel, who will unfortunately never get a real career after the Mickey Mouse ears came off. Because life is hard when you're an artist man. It's blood, sweat, and tears.

Or maybe it's just a pink leotard that will.not.stay.out.of.your.butt. Yeah. Nothing says have fun like a dance wedgie!!!

Kendall started dance today. Technically, she started dance/tap/tumbling today, but for every one's sake let's just call it dance. Because the Internet world doesn't need another abbreviation and having to type DTT will really get on my nerves in a hurry. Plus it sounds some weird disease.

There's about 15 kids in the class. The teacher is seven months pregnant and I have to hate her just a little tiny bit out of principle. I mean, she's SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT people. And she's coordinating fifteen little three and four year olds and teaching them how to dance. Or tumble or tap or DTT or whatever. And she like, can do the splits. SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT. When I was seven months pregnant with Colin this time around the only splits I was doing involved bananas, copious amounts of whipped cream, and moosetracks ice cream.

But anyway, she's sweet as hell and the kids just adore her. They are all attentive and adorable and do fairly good imitations of the stretches that the teacher shows them during warm up.

Then it's somersaults, jumps, twirls, and hops, topped off every time by a "ta daaaaa!" at the end of the mat. The parents all get to watch from outside the studio through these big over sized windows. It's kind of like being at the zoo during the dolphin show, except it's your kid. So it's not really like being at the zoo, but anyway.......

Then it's time to tap.


It's LOUD. Cute, but loud. And totally adorable. They are all so proud of their shiny little black tap shoes. Did I mention that it's LOUD?

So yeah, she loved dance. The baby slept and Bree played well after a full morning of

Kindergarten so *I* loved dance too. The only bad part was the fact that I couldn't stop wandering over to the racks of shirts, tutus, shoes, dance bags, and tights for sale. I mean, Skippy told me not to spend a million bucks on dance stuff until we know if she likes it, but it's all so CUTE. And frilly. And it's a good balance with the tap shoes, which I think I mentioned, are LOUD.

So anyway, I'll let ya'll know when Juilliard calls.

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