Friday, September 21, 2007

Fire Warnings, School pictures, and TGIF

What a week. I'm zonked.

I think I last updated after Skippy's surgery on Tuesday night. Wednesday passed uneventfully, if not quickly. We drove back into Portland to visit our favorite patient, managed to not get lost driving out of the city, and made it back home in time for a decent bedtime for a change, even after stopping at the evil Walmart for pre-school snack supplies.

Thursday. Busy day. Got the girls up and got them each to school. Came home and napped with the baby for an hour. Trust me, I needed it. Ran to the store. Grabbed the kiddos from school and came home and made lunch, blah blah blah.

Finally jumped in the shower around one o'clock on Thursday for the 2:30 PTA Organizational meeting. I just slip further and further into stereotypical suburban mommydom, I tell you. First soccer, now PTA. But anyway, I figured that it wouldn't really do to go to the meeting sans bra with my hair looking like it had been styled by the Teletubbies. Shuffled all three of them up to school for the meeting, where we ran into our next door neighbor who teaches fifth grade. God bless you Mr Kevin, for volunteering to watch the girls while I went to the meeting. They had way more fun playing with the class pet and with his little girl than they ever would have had with me, and I actually got to pay attention and be a productive participant. Double bonus.

Got a call from Skippy in the middle of the PTA meeting saying he was being discharged. Wheeeeeee. Three round trip drives to Portland in one week. Told him that I was busy being PTA Mom and that I'd put on my taxi hat as soon as the meeting was over. Got roped into various activities throughout the school year, god help me.

After the meeting, I proceeded to thank my lucky stars for my dear friend Charlotte who took the girls for me while I drove to Portland to pick up Skippy. Charlotte rocks. Thank you thank you thank you, when you read this, I don't know what I would have done without you. Well actually, I know exactly what I would have done. I would have put all three of them in the car at dinner time during traffic for the third day in a row and proceeded to have a nervous breakdown somewhere between Hood River and Cascade Locks. Definitely. So thank you.

While driving into Portland, I experienced my first "fire warning" which is exactly what it sounds like for all you Midwest people - it's a warning issued when there is a forest fire/brush fire/fire anywhere in the area. This one was just getting going about twenty miles from our house, across the river from Hood River. I've never seen anything like it - smoke blowing over the water and helicopters flying overhead dumping big loads of was neat and fascinating and kind of sad and scary all at the same time. You can actually read an article about it here:

Got Skippy. That was an adventure in and of itself, best saved for another blog. Suffice it to say that Colin and I got him home and picked up the girls without any major misadventures.

And finally, it's Friday. School pictures today. Pre-school pictures today. That was kind of fun. I forgot how exciting school picture day is to a little kid. It was way cute.

Nothing on the agenda for the weekend. I have to finish getting through the 30 pounds of apples we picked last weekend, and other than that I think we're just laying low and taking care of Skippy. He is feeling pretty good all things considered. A little tired, and very sore. The power of modern day pharmaceuticals is a wonderful thing. We'll keep y'all posted but for now, have a great weekend.

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