Thursday, September 13, 2007

The week in review, part one

Now if you're not on Myspace, you haven't been able to read my blog until now. Here's a sample from the last week or so.

My life changed drastically just a week ago when my girls started school. Original blog date, Thursday, September 6th

I know, I know, I've only been blogging my angst about it for weeks now. Today the first official day of school arrived.

I got up at seven and took a quick shower and then gave each of the girls a nudge. "C'mon kiddos, time for school."

Bree sat up, bleary eyed and smiled. "Come on K, we have to go to school." It was adorable.

We get dressed, brush hair, say good-bye to Daddy, and take pictures. All is good. We drive to the elementary school. Bree is pretty much bouncing around the backseat within the confines of her booster seat chanting "I'm going to schoo-oool" over and over.

We park the car, unload, and in we go.

We get to the playground.

There's about 400 kids running around.

Suddenly my brave kindergartner is stuck to my leg like glue.

"Mama, I don't want you to go."


Suffice it to say that we got it all together with minimal tears and lots of hugs. To my credit, I didn't cry. I knew that if *I* cried, I'd never get her to go. So I sucked it up.

Then it was K's turn. Back down to the car, load up, drive across town, and drop her off for pre-school. Taking her cue from her sister, this is promptly met with K: "Mama I"m going to miss you."

Me: I know sweetie, but I'll be back in just a little while."

Teacher Mary: Kendall we're going to paint today! Can you help me set up?


*snort* That was easy.

So now I have two hours with just my little prince. What a strange feeling. And for the record, I didn't cry until I got home.

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