Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wheeee, here we go.....

So for the past couple of months, I've been exploring the world of blogging. It's new to me - that funny mix of the anonymity of the Internet and the choice to put your deepest feelings online. I mean you don't really have anything to lose right? Only your dignity. LOL

I started out on myspace, blogging as a means to stay in touch with the family and friends that we left behind in the Midwest. Along the way I added a bunch of new friends from out here in the great Pacific Northwest, but I realized that my blog wasn't reaching a lot of people who want to read it, mostly because they can't, or won't, use myspace.

So I've moved it over here to in order to share it with those that I love. Here's the thing - if you're looking for one of those highly inspirational, pee your pants funny, every day is an adventure kind of're probably in the wrong place. My life isn't all that exciting. I spend my days chasing my kids around, getting everyone where they need to be and coordinating dance class, soccer, and home cooked meals that don't involve Hamburger Helper. My family is the light of my life. I have a fabulous husband who works for one of the greatest companies in the country - THE GOOGLE (cue flashy lights and musical fanfare) and overall, I think that things are pretty darn okay.

If you read my blog on myspace, don't fret - I'm still going to post it in both places, or at the very least, I'll link this blog over there. Please keep reading and keep commenting - I love to hear from everyone! To bring you up to speed if you're not on myspace, I'll copy some of my more recent entries over here and then we'll be off and running!

Thanks for reading!


Tracey said...

Hey Amy! Welcome to blogspot. Glad to have a way to keep updated with you. I miss you! Can't wait to see some pics of the kids.

Anonymous said...


I am not longer at Gracious Living... If you haven't heard already. I resigned in July. I am working back in the Medical Field. The entire community at Gracious Living has scheduled a dinner celebration for me at JMK Nippons to say Thank you for everything. I am so much happier. I am sure I will get screwed out of my commissions. Guess I will have to take them to court like the other girl did. Sounds like you are enjoying your new environment. The pics are incredible. Looks like a post card.

Please keep in touch. My thoughts and prayers are with Charles. Hope to hear from you soon.


Aslan said...

Look at that huge baby! They grow em big in Oregon

Anonymous said...


I sure do miss you around the 'ol Syacamore jobsite. Things were alot nicer when I had your smile to see in the mornings. Alot better than that old hags......oppps, did I just put that on here, oh well. Things are going very slow out there. I have a lot of time to myself. Well, I always have Spike. That old man rocks! Sure do with you the best out there. Hope you look us up if you ever come and visit. I still owe you a lunch. Take care of yourself and the kids and remember, if you have too much fruit you'll get the runs.

Love always,
Kimmy & Matt