Monday, September 24, 2007

Just my luck

So today is the start of another exciting week. I got up at seven to get B out of bed for school. Their room is clean (the result of yesterday's all-day effort, which resulted in stepping on more legos than I care to remember), and B even picked out her outfit for today last night before bed. Her backpack is packed, homework calendar is checked, reading time is filled in, and she's ready to go.

We're out the door lickety-split and head up the hill to the drop off circle (does anyone else ever feel like a herd of cattle in those things?) and she's actually excited to go. No hint of tears. No quivering chin. No "mama, I'm going to miss you." My little kindergartener is rearing to go. I breathe an internal sigh of relief, thinking that just maybe my days of having "the crier" are over.

Hugs. Kisses. Yes mommy promises to wait until you get up the ramp before I go. Off she runs.


Kid + cement = skinned hands and a scraped chin.

Damn it.

Poor B. Of course I go running over to her and get her upright and then together we make the slow walk up the ramp and into school, where NOW she has to get a tardy slip (it's no big deal really, but she was mortified). We get her washed up in the bathroom and finally, I drop her off. And of course this time, there are tears.


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