Saturday, September 29, 2007


Oh it's a happy happy day in the Skippy household. The Chicago Cubbies are division champs - back in the post season scramble for the first time in four years!

*happy dance*

Although I will say that we're starting to wonder exactly what the hell is going on - I mean we move 2000 miles away from the Windy City and suddenly the Bears make the Superbowl and the Cubs soar through the playoffs.

Are we bad luck?

Anyway, it's Cubby fever big time baby!

Not too much going on this weekend - my Mother-in-law is on her way here. As in she is almost here from Medford, which is like, seven hours away. Granted she still has two to go and she left at five this morning but still. Doesn't she realize I need more house scouring time? LOL That is one grandma who loves road trips in her big silver truck. LOL I think she's coming mostly to see the kids and to check on her own baby boy, but I think she may feel like I'm about to lose it. Which may or may not be true, depending on the day. Or the moment. We have soccer tomorrow and then a busy week starting up come Monday.

Skippy is doing okay. He had his stitches taken out yesterday and that's a very good thing because they were itching the bejesus out of him. We can now add Ambien to the list of happy drugs he is on because he can't sleep due to all the OTHER crap he's on. And yet when I got up at five a.m. this morning to go pee (because we all know I have a bladder the size of a peanut), there he was, still awake.


So I'm off. Off to give the house a cursory once-over and say screw it to the rest.

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