Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Got Wood? Part two....

So remember my blog from yesterday? I was all excited about the fact that we were having a cord of wood delivered today. I had visions of cozy fires, hot chocolate, and a dog eared book that's been read over and over all winter long, dozing on the couch late into the night under an afghan after the kids go to bed while the animals curl up to watch the flames.

Um, yeah.

So today the truck pulls up around back. I go out to give the guy his check and he asks me, "Where do you need to stack it?" I told him we wanted to put it up against the back of the house, near the back door where the eaves would hang over and protect it for the most part with the help of a tarp. Plus there are concrete bricks out there so it wouldn't be on the damp ground, etc. He nods and tells me that's a good spot, but he can't get this truck into the yard so he's going to unload there in the back alley. I'm thinking no problem right? It's only about thirty feet from the alley to the back of the house. I mean, we're on a double lot but it's not *that* big.

I told him I had to go feed the baby but to holler if he needed anything. Amicable goodbyes are exchanged, thank yous all around, yadda yadda yadda, and it's all good.

Or so I think.

Ten minutes later, the wood was all unloaded and they were on their way to their next delivery. I didn't even hear them leave.

Problem is, they left my wonderful cord of wood at the back of the property, on the other side of the garage, in a big splintery heap. Not all of it is split, and it's not anything close to resembling something that is orderly stacked.

Apparently delivered means, "We'll get it to your house, the rest is up to you." I asked our neighbor where we went wrong, thinking that maybe we got ripped off on the customer service end of things but I've been assured that "that's just how it's done and oh by the way, you've got an axe right Ame?"


Good god. Live and learn. Of course today is the one day Skippy is out of the house in three weeks doing some work that couldn't wait, so I strapped the baby into his car seat, plopped him in the backyard, and with the help of my girls, the little girl next door, and our retired neighbor, we got 90% of it stacked up against the house with the help of a radio flyer and a hand cart. The other 10% will need to be split and cut down by hand to fit into our fireplace. I am totally exhausted. I so owe those kids some ice cream and I'm going to make the neighbors a cobbler.

*sigh* Maybe I'm not cut out for mountain life.


erincol said...

Like my mom says, "Everyone should have a radio flyer." You never know when it will come in handy :) That was our main mode of transportation for years!

Aslan said...

too true! here you pay extra to have it "delivered AND stacked" usually another 25-50 bucks. Sorry baby. Get to carrying. luckily you birthed all that slave labor.