Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Part two of I've been a bad, bad blogger....

The waterfalls, continued.

After we hiked up to the top of Wahkeena Falls and got soaked in the process, we came back on down and piled back into the car to drive the quarter of a mile to the big puppy, Multnomah.

Here's Banana with a big leaf she found.

Here's Kbear looking cute as usual.

Here's Aunt Sarah at Multnomah Falls

We really really wanted to take the hike to the bridge, but it was just too wet and too cold and we decided that instead we would potty and dry off. So we hit the bathrooms, the gift shop, and then the restaurant on the lodge. Now that was classy. Or maybe it was 'K'lassy. I have to set the scene you see. You walk into the lodge and it's this big beautiful rustic old building. There is a massive fireplace and it smells like woodsmoke and cinnamon. There are tables with white linens, fresh flowers, and tea light candles, and a small but elegant menu that obviously charges extra due to the ambiance.

So what did we do? We asked for a table by the fireplace, sat our wet butts down, and then Sar and I each ordered a glass of Oregon wine.

And french fries for the kids.

Wine and french fries.

Klassy I tell ya. But fun. We rolled back into town around dinnertime and just hung out for the rest of the evening.

Thursday was a day to nap, veg out, and make mini-meals. Around four o'clock we decided we should go do something. So we went thrift store foraging. That was far more fun that it really should have been. We got some crazy mad loot and after almost two hours, we packed back into the car and headed across the river to Bingen, Washington, where we took Sarah to our new favorite pizza place, Solstice Cafe. For those of you who live out here, if you haven't been to Solstice yet, you have to go. It's good stuff. And if you have kids, it's a parental heaven because they have a great kids menu and a fantastic little play area. Skippy calls it our "crunchy granola pizza place" because everything is locally grown and organic. But it's good.

Before we knew it, the weekend had arrived! But that's another blog. Right now I have to go make lunch!

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katy said...

tom and I are coming to visit you very soon. I'm so jealous of Sarah, it looks like you guys had a great time. And the girls and colin look like they're getting so big! Miss you!