Monday, October 29, 2007

Lucky number seven, a philosophical blog

Seven months. That's how old the chunk was at exactly four o'clock today. It's hard to believe that the skinny squalling little red faced newborn is the same chunky little army crawler who is in the process of taking over my living room.

He's doing just beautifully. His days are spent eating applesauce and biter biscuits, working on crawling, and refining one hell of a howl when he doesn't get his way. He smiles and laughs more than any baby I've ever seen and I'm taking every chance I can to snuggle him because before I know it, he's off again in search of laundry to knock over or a cat's tail to pull or a big sister to antagonize.

It's hard to believe how fast time flies. When we moved here, I was pregnant. I knew no one. It was cold and gray and I wondered how I was going to survive being away from my Mom and all of my friends and my (huge) extended family. Two and a half months later, Chunk was born and the weather started to warm up. I started making new friends, attending Goog-sponsored family events, and I felt like I had been given a precious gift - the chance to enlarge my circle of friends and to rediscover who I am and who I'm meant to be as a wife and a mother and a friend and an Amy.

I still miss my Mom dreadfully. I'd give anything to go to Chili's with Jax for a margarita and a chocolate molten cake. Seth's hugs don't email very well and Sarah's visit was way too short. But that doesn't mean things are bad. In a lot of ways, things are better than ever. I feel so blessed to have met so many new and wonderful people and to live in such an astonishingly beautiful place. Sometimes when the Chunk wakes up to nurse at the far-too-early hour of five a.m. I pause in the kitchen to get a drink of juice and see the mountains turning pink. And then I go snuggle back into my still-warm bed and listen to my sweet baby breathe before my girls are up and bouncing for another day and Skippy heads to a job that he loves and I think that really, I'm pretty damn lucky. Seven months has gone by in a flash, and to show for it I have the most gorgeous baby boy anyone could ask for. And I realize that I've barely scratched the surface of all that I still have to do.


kat said...

{sniffs} i'm such a saddo, but your posts are some of the few that can make me tear up just reading them. we're glad you're here!

The crazy one said...

Isn't being an Amy the best?! If I may get deep for a moment... I honestly have been so much happier having you and your spawn to keep me entertained. Thank you so much dear friend.


Aslan said...

is that crazy Amy MY Crazy Amy? I don't think the one I know would read your blogs. You get so deep sometimes... it was so good talking to you the other night. Anytime :)

Tracey said...

That was such a sweet blog! I'm glad you're finding yourself out there, even if we miss you back here.