Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It feels like only yesterday...

That I lost my mind. Have you seen it anywhere?

What a day. No, really. I would have blogged about it had I had the energy.

7:00a.m. Got the girls up for school. This was accomplished by a combination of poking, prodding, cajoling, and finally the outright threatening stuffed animal demise. Got everyone up, dressed, and in Cbaby's case, into a dry diaper. My mother-in-law Dixie was up and about and we finally made it out the door at 7:45, right on time. The day was off to a good start and things looked promising. It was all downhill from there!

7:50a.m. Dropped Banana off at school.

8:01a.m. Dropped Kbear off at pre-school.

8:15a.m. I myself was dropped off at home so that Dixie could go have breakfast with an old girlfriend. I spent a little bit of "free time" changing the baby, nursing the baby, and making my hair look like something that didn't resemble Banana's Baby Alive doll after she took scissors to it. I think I may have even found time in there to pee in peace, but I can't tell you for sure. Then I ran to Safeway to get some cookies to add to my snack for my Mommy Meeting because the night before I had stayed up late making muffins-from-a-box and I didn't feel like that was quite enough. Nothing like the self-inflicted pressure of the mommy wars to get you moving on a sunny Tuesday. Treated myself to a raspberry mocha iced something-or-other that my ass does NOT need because dang it, I deserved it.

9:15a.m. Arrived for my MOPS meeting. MOPS stands for Moms of Pre-Schoolers. Cute huh? I think that's because CHWOMSYDGN (Come Hang With Other Moms So You Don't Go Nuts) doesn't spell anything cute. Anyway it's an absolutely awesome organization here in town that meets twice a month for lectures, crafts, budget ideas, and all sorts of other stuff designed to bring moms of little kiddos together. They provide childcare and the snacks always rock. Unfortunately I always have to leave early to get my kids but the hour I'm able to stay is totally worth it.

10:15a.m. Grabbed Cbaby from the nursery (which is staffed by grandmas getting their baby fix and huffing sweet baby hair smells) and we ran across town to get Kbear from pre-school and then BACK to the house to hustle up to the bus stop with Dixie to get Banana from the bus. Whew. That was a hectic hour.

11:15a.m. Spent this time running around and getting ready to head or Portland for Skippy's follow up doctor's appointment. Helped my mother-in-law hang a molly bolt in my kitchen for my neato-keen fruit basket, threw Banana into the shower after she decided she wanted a spritz of Mommy's perfume - eight spritzes to be exact. Changed the baby. Nursed the baby (are you seeing a trend here yet?), got Kbear a snack, threatened to divorce Skippy if he didn't get his ass out of the shower (God bless that man, he just blows me off when I get insane and does his thing anyway, LOL), switched car seats around, repacked the diaper bag and finally, at long last, got into the car. On time even.

12:30p.m. We spent the next hour or so driving into the city. In the rain. While eating Arby's. I still haven't quite completely mastered the whole driving while eating thing out here yet. I mean, you get on 88 in Illinois and it's no problem to eat and drive. You just set your cruise and use your knees to keep the wheel straight. No turning required. You could seriously plug a hot plate into your lighter and like, make soup. And eat it. No problem. Not so much here in Oregon. There's you know, a river and mountains and lots of curves. But I managed to get us to the city unscathed. The girls were with Dixie in her car, for which I am eternally thankful.

1:00p.m. Spent this time waiting for Skip to have his appointment. New drugs, wheeeee. For those who are interested, he is healing fine but is definitely still a long way from being all better. There is still some muscle repair that has to happen and the back issues themselves just have to continue to get stronger. In the meantime he gets to stay pharmaceutically stoned and he's home until October 15th, at which point he'll have another appointment and hopefully be cleared to go back to work. It's so nice that he has a job that he actually misses and I know he's anxious to get back to it.

3:00p.m. Finally left the hospital and ran to Powell's for some books that Skippy wanted to grab for Dixie as a thank you for helping us so much with the kids this past weekend. Trust me, she deserved them. I love Powell's. If you're not from this area and you ever come to Portland, go to Powell's. It's the world's largest free-standing bookstore and they earn that title. The place takes up an entire city block and you could get lost in there for days if you set your mind to it.

4:30p.m. Arrived at Skippy's Uncle Tony's house to reclaim our kiddos. Watched the rain machine crank back up. Switched car seats. Got wet. Changed the baby. Herded everyone back into the car. Got more wet.

5:15p.m. FINALLY on the road. It was raining. Like, REALLY raining. Scary raining. Thought we were going to die about twenty miles outside of the city when a semi in the other lane threw a SHEET of water on my windshield at 67 miles an hour. White knuckled the wheel, the whole nine yards. Super scary stuff. Thankfully the kids slept through it because mommy freaked out a bit. Skippy "talked me down from the ledge" as he is fond of saying, and we continued our trek homeward.

6:30p.m. Rolled into town. Dropped off drug prescriptions. Picked up a pizza.

6:45p.m. Got home. Nursed the baby, brushed my hair, and headed up to PTA. A big thanks again to AmyM for coming down the hill to babysit my kids and my husband.

7:02p.m. Skated into PTA just when they were getting started. Officially got elected President. Still not sure how that happened.

8:30p.m. Got out of PTA, went to pick up drugs. Came home and ate pizza while watching The Biggest Loser, which always feels dirty. I should have been eating carrots or something.

10:30p.m. Took a much needed bubble bath. Finally crashed around midnight.

And now I'm tired just from typing it all out. Holy crap what a day. Today is a laundry-sit-on-my-butt-watch-crappy-TV day.

Right now my Mom is on a plane to Jamaica. Earlier I found a cinnamon chex in my bed. Such is life.


Tracey said...

Ok, I'm tired just reading that! But had to laugh at the cooking soup on 88 comment. So true! Glad to hear Skippy is healing well. Back surguries can be tough. Hang in there, I'm hoping you get to sleep in a bit this weekend!

The crazy one said...

Ame! You need to chill lady! Honestly you are going to explode. I worry about you. Please don't take on anything else other than taking care of YOU!!!!

Hey, I will go to your house any day to keep an eye on things even if the girls love touching mah boobies! hehe :P