Monday, October 8, 2007

Got wood?

Because we're going to!

Tonight while we were eating dinner (waffles and sausage and pineapple for anyone who cares) a big truck and trailer pulled up in front of the house. Since we only really have on-street parking here, I blew it off, thinking it was probably someone for one of the neighbors.

Then Bailey started to bark and wag her tail and generally be nutty.

I went to the door and smiled at the seemingly nice guy standing on the other side of our front gate, warily looking at my dog, who first of all could *maybe* scare the pants off of a bunny. We always say that if someone ever broke in, Bailey would just be disappointed when they didn't load her into the truck for a ride with all our stuff. But anyway, I figured the guy was lost because why on earch would some dude I don't know have his truck parked in front of my house pulling a trailer full of firewood?

Well silly goose, apparently because our landlord mentioned that we would be interested in some wood for winter.

For you midwest people, heating your house when it's cold is a bit different here. A ton of houses (ours included) only have electiric wall heaters built into each individual room. No baseboard heat, no gas furnace, nada. We don't even have a thermostat, a point of contention that regularly drives me batshit crazy. People here utilize fireplaces and pellet stoves to heat their homes.

When we had fireplaces in the midwest, they were a means of ambiance, or comfort or perhaps after a few glasses of wine, romance. They were for curling up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate while the wind howled outside.

Here they are to keep your tushie from freezing off while the wind howls outside.

So we have a cord of wood being delivered tomorrow. That's a LOT of wood. It's about four feet wide by four feet tall by eight feet long, stacked against the side of the house.

But hey, we'll be warm.

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erincol said...

I will never complain about squealing radiators again. Even though Jon will agree that it sounded like a freight train was passing through my apartment. Do you live in a log cabin or what? Your stories of fireplaces and apples remind me of the movie Baby Boom. If you haven't seen it, its a Collins family favorite. I think it is the only movie that Diane Keaton is in and my mom doesn't feel the desire to slap her. haha Miss you and love you. BTW I'm going dress shopping on Sat. yeah!