Sunday, October 14, 2007


Wheeee it's been a fun and crazy weekend. My little sister Sarah is visiting from Chi-town and we've been going, going, going. It has been so fun to just hang out. Sisters are great. I mean, they don't care if your house is a mess or your cat is a total pain in the ass or if you're having a bad morning because your five year old can't find her soccer cleats. They just love you.

I picked Sar up yesterday at PDX with Banana and Chunk in two. She was bleary eyed but ready to start exploring so we hit Saturday Market in Portland. Today I introduced her to the hilarious world of five year old soccer, which you may know from my other blogs, is an experience much like I imagine acid to be.

It's been a good weekend, and a great visit so far. I did manage to slice open my finger with the apple slicer this morning, which resulted in an ER visit this evening but it doesn't even warrant its own blog. They just got me all cleaned up with some of that medical super glue stuff, issued strict instructions to come back immediately for stitches if it reopens, gave me a new tetnus shot (OUCH) and sent me on my way.

The kids are thrilled that thier Aunt Sarie is here. She's enjoying the mountains, and we're just enjoying her visit.

We have a busy week ahead of us. Dance class tomorrow for Kbear, and a doc appointment for Skippy - hopefully they will clear him to go back to work for the sake of everyone's sanity. Then we're going to try to pack in the waterfalls and hopefully a trip up to Timberline Lodge and some other stuff before we send Sar back to the Windy City. Everyone have a fantastic week! *loves*

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