Sunday, February 24, 2008

A few last Huskie thoughts

Today they held a memorial ceremony at NIU for the five students killed on Valentine's Day in Cole Hall during a lecture class.

Tomorrow, after ten days of reflection, prayer, and grief, the students will return to classes.

Cole Hall is closed. Classes have been reassigned new locations. Churches are still open twenty four hours a day. Memorials are still up. Candles are still burning.

A campus is still greiving.

It's time for life to begin to get back to normal at NIU. Time for a tiny corner of the universe called DeKalb to re-enter the world and hold on for the ride as best they can.

Your university gets into your blood. There is something about your college experience. The people you meet and the things you learn become a part of you. Every memory has a purpose in your life. People go through things in college that shape who they become as adults. It doesn't matter where you go. Even if it's not an Ivy League School. Even if there isn't a football team that makes national headlines. Even if it's just a regular old public state university, it gets to you -- it gets into your heart. It becomes a matter of pride. Whether you make honor role or graduate on time or take part in student government or just hang out in your room, it's your experience. You will always wear those colors proudly.

NIU has been through a horrific experience. It's time to begin to heal.

Have faith Huskies. NIU will never forget. And it will never be forgotten.


Ms.Toni said...

I have to be honest I didn't attend the service, but I have definitely seen how DeKalb has become one and is moving Forward Together Forward.

-Amy EVERY public place/restaurant has 'THAT' quote where it should be advertising for cheap beer or a taco special. Forward Together Forward ~ tears in my eyes passing down Route 23, Annie Glidden and Lincoln Highway. It is amazing, the students, the staff, everyone...I am so in awe of their togetherness and strength. It makes me PROUD to be a and black always and forever.

Ms.Toni said...

PS...I can't WAIT to see you and the kiddeos..and meet that little Chunk!