Monday, February 11, 2008

In other news

First of all, would you look at my gorgeous girl? I mean, really. And I'm sorry I have been a dreadfully neglectful blogger. You all need to cut me a little slack, because my entire household had the flu. Even *I* got the damn bug. And Skippy was out of town for a week and the kids were miserable and kept out of school and I just wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep until next month. So I'm very sorry. And I'm sad that my reader counts have gone down. I KNOW my readers won't forsake me over one lousy bout of the flu! And I'll make up for it - as evidenced by my second blog in so many hours.

Anyway, I am officially an Oregon resident now. Today I went to the DMV and got my brand spanking new Oregon driver's license. I should have had it eleven months or so ago, which I found out when I got pulled over on Thursday night for unknowingly having a tailight out (I got a verbal warning and we got it fixed on Friday, don't worry Mom) but all's well that ends well as they say.

I was kind of sad when they punched a hole through my old Illinois card but alas, all good things must end. My sadness was mostly overshadowed by my nervousness over taking the written test. I haven't had to take a written test since I GOT my license when I was sixteen. Sixteen and a HALF to be exact, my Dad was a booger and made me wait six extra months. But anyway, it seemed like EVERYONE I talked to told me that they failed it the first time. When I was there, the two people who went in front of me FAILED it too! I was a total wreck.

Somehow my early morning cramming paid off - I got a 94%. Of course I took the practice tests for Oregon, Illinois, and Washington several times this morning and skimmed the entire Oregon driver's manual online in between chasing the kids around but hey, whatever gets the job done. Apparently I'm still good at short term studying. It sqeaked me through plenty of college classes, why should the DMV be any different?

So that's it. An hour and a half of my time and fifty five bucks later and I'm officially official!

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