Thursday, February 14, 2008

I said I wasn't going to do it....

I said I wasn't going to go overboard for Valentine's Day. I mean seriously, what is WITH Valentine's Day? It's become like the second coming of Christmas. I saw a guy last year in Walmart buying a BIKE for his kid for Valentine's Day. Now that's just silly.

So I said I wasn't going to go overboard.


What is it with our genetic makeup once we become mothers? I genuinely don't think it has anything to do with keeping up with the Joneses, because that kind of stuff has never really bothered me. My parents worked really hard to give us what we had and we never really worried much about what we DIDN'T have and we took pretty okay of the things we DID have. I'm not the kind of Mom who buys my kids something new every time we go to the store. They know I can't be manipulated that way. I'm actually really proud of that.

So why (and how) did my kids each end up with not only a new t-shirt to wear tomorrow to school for Valentine's Day but also a pair of heart socks, Valentine's Day buttons, mini puzzles, candy, plans for a fun dinner, AND goodie bags for each of their classmates on top of regular Valentines? How did that happen?


I said I wasn't going to go overboard.


Happy Hearts Day everyone.

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Jax said...

Welcome to the world of a mom of school aged kids. You will now be making goodie bags for every holiday! Big or small.... :)