Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The "Who Did Amy See" game continues

Today was Tuesday. Here we go.

This morning I had a MOPS meeting. MOPS (once again) stands for Mothers of Pre-schoolers. So I saw a lot of my Oregon Mommy-girlfriends at that meeting. That doesn't really count because it wasn't an errand. I'm just warming up my blog by making small talk.

Anyway, we actually stayed home most of the day. I had a terrible horrible no good very bad migraine this afternoon. So I just put the baby down for a nap, threw some cheerios on the floor in pretty patterns, and turned on Noggin for the girls.

Not really.

Well.....kinda. Except for the Cheerios on the floor part. But anyhow....

Around 3:30 I needed to get out of the house. I was seriously beginning to understand why some mothers eat their young. So we went to the new park. When I got to the park, I was surprised when I realized there wasn't one familiar face in the crowd of kids and parents checking out our new playground duds. Wondering if I was going to end up making a fool of myself on my own dang blog, I wandered over to the swings to give the Chunk a little push. About that time, I realized we had lost his shoe. And in the middle of our search, lo and behold, there is a dear new friend Andrea walking up with her family and offering to help.

We chatted for a bit in between herding munchkins and in between subjects I also found time to chat with a PTA Mom (Hi Dena!) that I spotted hanging out in her car while her son played.

Then around 5:15 we hightailed it out of the park and ran to get some dinner because I realized at some point that Brianna had open gym soccer at six. And of course while we were THERE, we ran into one of the little girls from her team this past year, with her dad - who I also know from the bus stop.

So there you go. Proving for yet another day that you can't go anywhere in this town without running into someone.

On a completely separate note, I realized today that I completely forgot to give my sweetheart of a husband a birthday shout out. This is probably fine with him, but I refuse to let birthdays just fade away. We did manage to have a fantastic BBQ diner with two other couples here at the house, complete with a fantastic birthday cake but I really did mean to say something here as well.

So there you go, father of my kids and keeper of my heart - Happy (belated) Birthday and I love you! I hope you like your new gecko that the kids somehow talked me into buying for you!

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The crazy one said...

I miss all the fun and exciting goings on when I am working in Portland! Boo.. hisss! Where is said new park? Is it cool?!