Monday, February 25, 2008

I have found hell....oh and some pictures too

Hell is a book fair.

No seriously. It is. I've had a looooong day of making copies, sorting copies, stapling copies, and putting copies in teachers' mailboxes for almost 500 elementary school students. All for PTA junk and the book fair.

Hell.....hell is a book fair.

Anyway, I've come to the realization that I have been an absolutely lousy picture taking Mom. For awhile I had the camera within reach pretty much wherever I went and I was getting some great shots. Then I guess I got lazy. Or I got lost in hell (see above) or something. So I've started taking pictures again of my favorite subjects, my kids.

When these girls hit their teens in about ten years and realize that boys DON'T have cooties, we are in so much trouble. Have you heard that new (terrible) country song "Come On In" yet? It's basically a dad telling some teenage punk to be careful while out with his daughter because he'll be at home cleaning his gun. Totally redneck and intimidating and stupid and stereotypical. At least until I started looking through pictures of my girls. I think I'll start pricing dead bolts now.

And then there's the Chunk. He's almost eleven months old. I cannot BELIEVE I am getting ready to start planning a first birthday party. And he's already the underdog on the "brother/bodyguard" thing because he's younger than the girls but seriously how is THIS face supposed to scare anyone off? I mean, a kitten might run for cover or something. Geez. He's just too dang cute for words.


Anyway, I'm really going to be trying to get my picasa account updated in the next week or so if I can dig out from under all the book fair and PTA junk I have on my plate right now. Skippy is going out of town on Sunday too so that will make for a crazy week of laundry and finding clean underwear. But for now, I've scattered some updated pictures throughout the blog, so scroll down and click around.

If anyone needs me, I'm sure that even the devil gives an occassional potty break. Lots of love.

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